The Heavenly Valley Retreat

An Apartment, Vacation Rental, and Retreat on Oahu

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The unique appearance of the house came from a Polynesian design competition to create the ideal island dwelling at the University of Hawaii. Professor Jim Pearson conducted the contest in his classes at the UH Architecture Department. The 11 houses in the neighborhood were modeled after the winning design.

The apartment was created by my brother who was a very successful tour escort, the impresario of the tour business, to maximize the use of the space. The sleeping area and the foyer were both added onto the studio apartment. The full wall mirror in the kitchen gives the feeling that the apartment is twice as large as it actually is. A new north entrance has also been added. The apartment has wood and an imported tile floors. The TV and DVD player are suspended from the ceiling to conserve space. The apartment seems to melt into the exterior garden area through the numerous windows.

Other amenities include free Wi-Fi and high speed wireless Internet connection.

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